Whenever time permits I enjoy working on a variety of freelance projects. Some of the most recent projects I have worked on are listed below:

Mark Richards

Mark Richards Blog

Mark Richards is an iconic Australian surfer from Merewether, Australia. Mark is a four time world surfing champion (1979–1982) and is highly respected by his peers. Mark is still based in Newcastle, where he was born, and he runs a surfboard manufacturing business. His time is mostly spent mowing surfboard foam, and trying to surf whenever time permits. Recently Mark asked me to design, develop and launch a new blog which he has embraced with open arms and is actively updating with minimal assistance from my end.

Website: http://markrichardssurfboards.com/blog/


Safearth - Electrical Engineers and Earthing Specialists

Safearth Consulting is a specialist engineering group providing expertise and leadership in all areas relating to safe earthing systems. Safearth delivers comprehensive earthing solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure across industries including energy, rail and mining. Safearth design, specify and commission new earthing systems. For existing systems, they assess then advise on refurbishment and management to ensure long-term protection.

Website: http://www.safearth.com


Tengirri Surf Charters

Tengirri is a company which manages and provides luxury surf charters to the Mentawai Islands and surrounding areas in Sumatra, Indonesia. The company's own charter boat is also named Tengirri and is a 14 metre (46 foot), live aboard, power catamaran designed and built in Australia in 2004 specifically for premium surf charters. Tengirri started operating in Sumatra during April 2005 and since then the boat has delivered surfers from all walks of life to some of the waves of their lives in the Mentawai Islands and beyond.

Website: http://www.tengirri.com



Matt Linnert is the founder of Linnerts and co-founder of innergi and Money Personality. His personal and professional vision is to increase peace. Matt has provided coaching and mentorship to hundreds of people over the past decade enabling them to balance peace and drive, invention and consistency, the philosophical and practical, patience and enthusiasm, within a clear appreciation for financial and commercial realities.

Website: http://www.linnerts.com.au